When to Begin?


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2: When to Begin?

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When to begin?

In a sense the answer is always, right now.

Every day, every moment offers us another chance to begin.

When we approach our day to day with openness, experiencing it as a beginner, we are able to see the immense possibilities that lay before us.


Getting Started with Your Monk Manual

The Monk Manual is an undated 90-day planner that includes extra week and month pages so no matter when you start, you will have enough pages for a full 90 days.

With that said, offices, desks, and garbage cans around the world are lined with unused planners. So in order to avoid that situation, we’ve provided a few steps to properly prepare you and avoid the “Dead Planner Syndrome”.

First, commit yourself to a period of time that you will use the Monk Manual. If you miss a day, that’s okay, the point is to decide up front that you’re going to see this investment through for a certain period of time. For this length of time, you are fully committed and will do what you can to make sure you follow through with that commitment.

Second, clearly state the reason why you are using the Monk Manual. Are you looking for more peace? Are you trying to organize a chaotic life? Do you feel like you need help finding direction in your life? Whatever your reason may be, write it down and refer back to it for motivation as you make using the Monk Manual a daily habit.

Third, find someone you can journey with as you use the Monk Manual. It can be a weekly meeting with another user to help discuss priorities or even a simple meeting with a friend who can help hold you accountable. Either way, bringing someone along increases support and accountability, two things that will exponentially increase your odds of success.

Quick Tips for New Users

  • Make your first monthly habit “Using The Monk Manual Everyday.”

  • Decide in advance what time you will use the Monk Manual each day and block out this time.

  • Pick the same time for reflection and preparation each night, so when you wake up in the morning, you simply have to look at your already planned day and do the most important things.

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