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Spiritual Planner

Your undated quarterly planner will guide you to spiritual growth while staying organized and feeling accomplished every single day.

Monk Manual


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PEaceful Being + Purposeful Doing

The Monk Manual is a 90-Day Spiritual Planner

It is a daily system that helps you focus on the most important things, so you can live each moment with greater purpose, productivity, and presence.

Monks have a clear system of life that enables clarity of action, as well as habits necessary to support full living. The Monk Manual is a daily 90-day spiritual planner designed to bring the timeless wisdom of monk living into your everyday life.

The daily, weekly, and monthly pages each serve a specific purpose to help you.

  • Focus on the truly most important things

  • Experience a greater sense of peace and purpose in your daily life

  • Gain personal insight and clarity, all while achieving your goals

  • Find and achieve your higher purpose

  • Grow in gratitude daily

  • Improve your relationships

  • Deepen your knowledge of self

  • Recognize how God is working in your life

  • Discover ways to improve and take steps to build great habits.

I’ve always seen myself as happy, productive, and spiritual, but the Monk Manual took it to another level.
— Kyle K.

How It Works


The Monk backbone of the Monk Manual is the PAR Method, short for Prepare, Act, Reflect, meant to parallel the approach of a monk to daily life. The method has three steps.

1. Prepare 

Make intentionality foundational. Prepare your mind, heart and schedule each day so that you can focus on the truly most important things and prioritize your life.

2. Act 

Act with peace in the present moment.  Accomplish your goals and build great habits, with a greater sense of freedom and purpose than ever before.

3. Reflect

Gain insights and walk with God on the path of life. Often our greatest learnings are gained in retrospect. Reflect on the activities and relationships of your life to gain a deeper sense of personal clarity and knowledge. 

The Monk Manual 90-day planner is split into three main sections (day, week and month) each with their own unique full page spread.


Daily Pages

Our days are the primary unit by which we build our lives. There is a natural rhythm to our days that presents itself as the perfect window for focusing your time towards personal and spiritual growth. That’s good because you will be spending most of your time in the Monk Manual on the daily pages. At the start of each day we ask, what is my greatest contribution today? How can I serve? At the end of each day, we look back and see what went well and where we want to improve. Through this process we learn to fully engage in each day, making the most of every moment all while achieving our goals.

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Weekly Pages

Often productivity problems aren’t due to a lack of skills, but rather a lack of personal awareness. Some of our greatest insights can only be seen when we step back and assess our progress honestly and without judgement. Our weeks are powerful opportunities for us to see the trends of our lives and find a broader perspective on what’s going well and what’s not. Based on these insights we are able to adjust our plans, schedules and routines to better accommodate our goals in the weeks ahead. Through this process we also get in touch with ourselves, and God, on a deeper level.

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Monthly Pages

Most people live life with a to-do list twice as long as they can reasonably do. Most people die with a to-do list just as long. There will never be enough time to do everything you want to do. Our months are a natural checkpoint for us to ask ourselves, what really is most important right now? We recalibrate, prioritize and chart a course for another month, taking one step further towards a fuller life.  

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8.5 x 5.5 in, perfect for taking with you wherever you go

One full page spread for every day, week and month

Flexible note space on each page

Covers a full 90-day period (undated)

Printed on high quality acid free paper

256 pages printed in color with soy based ink

Saddle stitch binding with vegan PU leather cover

For over 2000 years men and women have set out for the hills, fields and mountains to become Monks - searching for happiness, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, stability, passion and God.

Who says the rest of us can’t experience the same things?

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life. 

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