Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get my Monk Manual 90-Day Planner?

Our early bird supporters in the US can expect their Monk Manuals before Christmas 2018. We are going to do our best to get all additional pledges out in time for Christmas, but a significant factor will the total number of pledges we receive. It takes time to manufacture and ship, but we will do our very best to make sure everyone has their Monk Manual by the start of 2019.

What is the price of the Monk Manual 90-Day Planner?

The Monk Manual 90-Day Planner has an estimated retail of $38, but our early Kickstarter Backers who share our campaign will be able to enjoy a 15% discount for life! Details on this promotion will be listed on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Will this make me a monk?

No. Unfortunately the Monk Manual cannot make you a monk, but there are many monasteries around the world that we know would love to have you.

The Monk Manual is not an attempt to replace the life of a Monk, but rather to translate core qualities of their daily system of life into a practice that can be used by people living in the world.

I don’t have time to sit and meditate all day… How will the Monk Manual help me?

The Monk Manual is a flexible tool that adapts to many different lifestyles. Rather than prescribing the exact actions that are needed in your life, the Monk Manual provides a framework for you to discover what’s really most important for you right now and what the appropriate next step are.

Every person who uses the Monk Manual is different and every person’s life circumstances are different. Over time you will find what works best for you and personalize the way you use the tool. We have placed a large bullet space on every page specifically for you to add in your own practices, habits and tracking.

Planning takes time, as does reflection. But the time we spend in planning and reflection correlates directly with time we save when we focus and remove distractions. It’s often actually when we are busiest that the impact of reflection and preparation is the greatest.

Why 90 days?

There are two primary reasons.

The first is our belief that 90 days provides the perfect timeline for setting tangible goals and a focused trajectory for personal growth. Many businesses lean heavily on quarterly goals as it is just a long enough to make a tangible impact, while also being short enough that planning can be concrete and actionable.

The second reason is that when we set out to create the Monk Manual we wanted to build something that could drive deep intentionality that led to peaceful being and purposeful doing. While most yearly planners use a full page spread to highlight an entire week, the Monk Manual has a full page spread for every single day, week and month. We believe you simply cannot reach maximum intentionality without preparation and reflection, and this requires a deeper system than yearly planners can offer. The result is a 90 day planner that is the same length in page count to a yearly planner (256 pages), but generates a totally different end result.

Does the Monk Manual really work?

It works if you work it.

We are confident that if you develop a regular habit of using the Monk Manual you will find increased peace, presence, purpose and productivity in your daily life.

What size is the Monk Manual?

The Monk Manual is 8.5 x 5.5in and is 256 pages in length. Perfect size to take with you anywhere you go!