Our Mission

What the world needs now, is monks sweet monks.

We find a radical way of living in monasteries. A way that flips contemporary thinking on its head. Where the world says focus on more, the monk says focus on less. Where the world seeks to master outcomes, the monk seeks to master self. Where the world fills our lives with noise and distraction, the monk fills his or her life with quiet and focus. Where the world pursues a life of independence, the monk pursues a life of trust, walking the path of life with God and others. Where the world medicates, the monk meditates.

We are on an ambitious mission to help busy people utilize timeless monastic principles to live with greater peace and purpose in their everyday lives.

The Monk Manual is a quarterly planner inspired by monks and designed to help you live a fuller life. By combining best practices in psychology, productivity and spiritual growth the Monk Manual provides a daily system upon which you can build an intentional daily life.




8.5 x 5.5 in, perfect for taking with you wherever you go

One full page spread for every day, week and month

Flexible note space on each page

Covers a full 90-day period

Printed on high quality acid free paper

256 pages printed in color with soy based ink

Saddle stitch binding with vegan PU leather cover

The Story

The Monk Manual was born out of a personal need.  You see, I'm not naturally very good at living in the present moment or trusting the process of life. I needed a tool to help me, a system that could make living with peaceful being and purposeful doing just a little bit easier.

For over ten years, I’ve researched best practices in psychology, productivity and spiritual growth, hoping I could find a formula for living a fuller life. And that’s what brought me to the monks. Despite all the differences I saw in these fields of study, they all converged around some central principles of wellbeing and fulfillment. And the one group of people that lived out these principles better than anyone else were monks. 

It's worked for me, now I'm hoping it can work for you.

- Steven Lawson